Over two decades, Satyan has helped many organisations across the health and social care sectors engage with emerging thinking in human-centred systems change and to pursue transformative outcomes in safety, quality and performance innovation. Satyan brings a unique perspective to complex issues from his cross-disciplinary expertise in human factors engineering, participatory design, complexity science and systems thinking – coupled with a clinical background in occupational therapy and track record as a patient safety researcher.

Through his career, Satyan has worked closely with organisational leaders, clinicians, and safety practitioners and has accumulated a wealth of experience in successfully catalysing positive change within the messy realities of frontline work.

Satyan has a PhD in patient safety (fall prevention) from Monash University, is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) and is a certified healthcare informatician (CHIA). Towards the end of his PhD, Satyan undertook an international fellowship across two world leading centres: as a visiting research scientist at the Health Systems Engineering Institute (https://www.hsye.org, Boston MA) and as an international human factors fellow with the Medstar Institute for Innovation (https://www.medicalhumanfactors.net/, Washington DC).

Satyan is a respected voice within the field of healthcare human factors, complexity science and systems thinking and can be contacted for project and speaking engagements, HFE & systems advisory as well as board roles.